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My name is Marley Montano and I'm a freelance content creator, voice actor and event host living in Gainesville, Florida. I have been producing music, video, and all forms of multimedia for over 20 years.

My professional career began in 2004 when I started working as a part-time graphic designer at Kcom media. Shortly after, I found myself promoted to the role of Creative Director by the company's President, voice of Albert The Alligator (University of Florida) for over 40 years, and one of my greatest professional mentors, Mr. Karl Kauffman. During this time I managed high-level creative programs and design concepts, established the creative direction for entire lines of products, and led both marketing & advertising campaigns for various clients. 

I would move many times in the years that followed and subsequently, most of my creative design work became a part-time endeavor. For many years, I primarily focused on music production. Never too much time would pass however without someone seeking me out to record audio for a radio commercial, to produce original music for some form of digital content, or to host or manage an event. And so in 2006, I decided to register Marley Montano Productions as an official business.

In 2020, I began working with Arts 4 Learning Virginia, a non-profit organization, and the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in Virginia. I was initially hired to produce and record one original song for an upcoming children's video series, "Spread Kindness (Not Germs)." This is when I introduced my first children's character, a rapping camel named, Alexander Camelton. Pleased with the work, Arts 4 Learning Virginia requested another original song featuring the character. Soon I would find that I had produced music for 2 seasons of the show, including the official theme song that plays during the closing credits of every episode. In 2022, Season 1 of the show premiered in all Pre-K through 5th grade schools in 15 counties throughout the state of Virginia. Season 2 launch in January 2023 and both seasons are available for educators to enroll their classes in the program. The videos come complete with age-appropriate lesson plans, and a lyric book so students can sing along with the music. Find out more at:

I have also been hosting live events since 2001. I have been the MC for over 500 weddings, as well as for grand openings of businesses, concerts, music festivals, private, public, and even corporate events. From 2011-2018, I worked as a professional emcee for Genius Entertainment servicing Gainesville, Florida, Alachua County, and the surrounding area. Since 2012, I have also worked closely with the Never Say Never Foundation and I continue to host multiple annual events for their foundation. I am currently available to host events, presentations, meetings, and ceremonies of all kinds. 

In addition to my work as a content creator, and creative professional, I have performed, and produced Hip-Hop and R&B music under the alias Marley The Messenger since roughly 1999. During this time I have opened for various Hip-Hop legends, performed at venues like The Hard Rock Live (Orlando, FL), and I serve as an ambassador for multiple global Hip Hop collectives.

Overall, I have created engaging advertising campaigns, led entire teams of creators, managed both creative and technical projects, hosted events of all types, and operated as a working artist in multiple disciplines. I naturally think outside of the box, I know how to be strategic, and I can deliver results on a deadline.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my journey. There is more to my story of course, and I hope to share more of those details with you as we work together to deliver your brand's message to the appropriate audience.  

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my work.   


Marley Montano 

Marley Montano Productions